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May 12 Saturday 11 am - 4 pm

Improv Weaving

Let the loom guide your hand! What is it like to weave without a pattern, without preconceptions? Immerse yourself in a joyful free weaving style which teaches that everything, every piece of wool, blade of grass, or missing thread has its own beauty. Be inspired by the abundance of traditional and unusual materials that can be used in weaving. Make up your own composition as you go and create a wall hanging that is uniquely your own by using freeform weaving, knotting, loom-controlled patterns, and whimsical touches. Students of all levels will get the chance to explore texture, fiber and materials on a pre-warped table loom, taking home a beautiful wall hanging!

Location: Fiber Circle Studio, Cotati
Cost: $130, all tools and materials included

Register at https://www.fibercirclestudio.com/workshops



June 9-10 Saturday and Sunday 10 am -  5 pm  

Table loom weaving

Learn to weave on a shaft loom! Sign up for this intensive whole weekend workshop to learn how to set up a 4-shaft table loom, warp and thread it, and weave either a scarf, a set of tea towels, or a wall hanging of your design from start to finish. Vera will teach basic weaving for the new weavers and give individual hands-on help with projects for intermediate weavers. This is a 2 day back-to-back class! Saturday AND Sunday 10 - 5. You may bring your own loom and/or materials, or any/all can be provided by the instructor. Please make the proper selection at checkout!

Location: Fiber Circle Studio, Cotati
Cost: $240 (bring your own tools and materials) -$285 (all tools and materials included)

Register at https://www.fibercirclestudio.com/workshops


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Come and create with us! You unwind, sip, and hang out with friends while weaving, felting or painting something beautiful. Our artists will guide you the process with step-by-step instructions. 

Private Classes

Let us throw you a party!

If you are interested in private fiber arts classes in The Fono studio in Kensington or in your home, contact vera@thefono.com 

Throwing a party? Building a team? We'll come a bring a great activity for your guests. Creating together will brighten your event, raise new topics for conversation, and give your guests a beautiful handmade keepsake to take home.