Handwoven linens, the teaser trailer.....

Weaving can be so soothingly rhythmic, almost trance-like... Once the pattern is in your head and in your fingers, you can immerse yourself in the process and lose track of time in the lift-throw-beat-repeat motions of the dance. 

What you can see here is something new and exciting in the making... Smooth, lustrous hand woven tea towels made of 100% linen. I weave them out of fine lined threads on an 8-shaft floor loom. My loom works exactly the same way as the table looms we use in classes and parties, only bigger, and uses treadles instead of levers to lift the shafts. 

And the towels that are finished..... yes, shop is coming! Very soon you can buy gorgeous handwovens here on this web site. Table linens, silk scarves, baby blankets.... Housewarming gifts, baby showers,  bridal shawls.... Check back soon or join my mailing list to get notified!